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We described many educational opportunities hidden in video gaming in another article. We will also be introducing a few opportunities for employment this time.

1. Working as a clerk for video games. It has to be a dream of a teen gamer to work in a video game store or in a rental place – whether permanent or temporary. In a single location, employees have access to the market’s first games and game systems and have the privilege of looking at magazines in front of anybody else. Gaming clerks receive discounts on what is otherwise too expensive (games, game systems and game accessories), if that isn’t sufficient.

2. Work as a tester for the game. It must be tested extensively before a game hits the market. If you think that programmers are testing their personal material behind the game, think again. The gaming industry is highly sensitive to what it publishes. It must absolutely make sure that the games which it produces are working as planned to remain competitive. Testers enter the picture in this case. But becoming a game tester isn’t easy. You’ll also have a chance to shape your game into an experience, but you’ll also have a chance to become a game testing provider when you’re there not just have access to those games that nobody else knows about.

3. Work as a designer of the game. Have you good artistic abilities? Can you faster than you can say, “I drew it” whip a character up? If so, you can design video games for a career. Today, some of the most beautiful video games can be seen, and if you have a good image, you can use some of the most advanced software software for graphics and follow instructions in the next popular video game, you can view your own artwork.

4. Critical work as a game. You always want good content in the gaming industry and you can write for game magazines like Game Info or write content for a most popular gama site if you have a flair for writing and an appeal for games.

5. Work as a programmer for games. A good programmer is always in demand, not a career for everybody. As the preferences of players change and new technologies evolve, someone with the correct programming capabilities must be here to fill the gap between what players want and what the game industry can provide. To become a game programmer needs extensive training in various languages of development – so if you don’t get an understanding of what we have just said, skip the profession and look at some of the others.

The great news is that the gaming industry does not show any sign that they will soon disappear. Even colleges become crazy when they complete their course books with game programming lessons and curricula in game design. The chance for you to mix love of games with a steady paycheck will always be provided as long as you are committed to searching for these opportunities and to remaining aware of what is going on in the gaming world.

Check your local paper’s employment section or visit the nearest university to see which classes and training are available.

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